Clarify core values that
drive your work and life

The Values Deck

When you’re moving at the speed of life, it’s too easy to lose focus and hard to get perspective.

You want results and relationships. But in one or the other, or both, you may find yourself living a story that isn’t all you’d hope for. So you want to do better — to be better.

A simple tool called The Values Deck can help you stay confidently connected to what matters most to you.


How it works

The Values Deck is a set of 72 cards with descriptions on the front and questions on the back. It comes with easy instructions to get you started, so you can:

  • Identify your growth goals

  • Get on the same page with your team

  • Determine priorities for charitable giving

  • Jump-start your writing, journaling, or family conversations

  • Set a daily or weekly intention one card at a time

Each card prompts thought and conversation to keep your core values front and center, so you can live them more fully every day.


The Values Deck is …

... an incredible tool for sparking self-reflection and conversation. Focusing on my values helps me filter my decision-making and lean into the person I’m wired to be.
— Jen Petro, Owner, Dropleaf Communications
... a creative and valuable tool helping individuals identify what is most important to them. The deck also provides a helpful vocabulary of values and a process that allows couples a window of deeper connection.
— Harvey Powers, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist & Leadership Consultant
... exactly what I needed to clarify a board discussion about business values. It provided a way to represent the voice of everyone at the table.
— Cheryl Mitchell, Secretary, Champaign County Farm Bureau Foundation Board