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Rebecca Jantz Johnson

Over 25 years, Rebecca has been helping leaders, teams and organizations give their values a stronger voice.

Her professional backstory begins with serving in donor development for two great Windy City institutions: the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Lincoln Park Zoo. She helped community leaders craft their clout into messages that called for action and support. 

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Meanwhile, she landed a contract with Word Publishing (now W Publishing Group under Thomas Nelson) for a collection of readers' theater scripts, marking her first big milestone as an independent writer. Although she fulfilled two additional commissioned publishing contracts, she prefers helping others find words for their stories.

Her next career move pointed west to Denver. Rebecca became the first communications director and eventually an executive leader at Cherry Hills Community Church, where she served for nearly a decade.

Then, as an agency vice president at Cahoots Communications for eight years, she helped build dozens of nonprofit brands—notably as a magazine and anthology editor, working with publishers such as David C Cook, InterVarsity Press, Harvard Business, Thomas Nelson, Waterbrook & Multnomah, and Zondervan to connect authors with readers.

In 2017, Valor Christian High School appointed Rebecca to serve on its leadership cabinet as director of strategic engagement. She oversees admissions, marketing communications, donor relations, and community relations to strengthen ties with families and alumni.

As independent clients came her way—and still do—she put a name to what she'd already been creating through the years: Story Solutions. Based on her career experience with more than 70 organizations and their key influencers, Rebecca has been providing Story Solutions since 2015 in the form of strategic advising, brand messaging, executive ghostwriting and integrated work-life coaching.

Rebecca created The Values Deck as a tool for her clients, and for any leaders and change-makers who want to live their values more fully and intentionally every day.

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