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What Makes You Tick?

Your unique motivational blueprint reveals the core motivations that make you tick — that get you out of bed in the morning.


If asked, many people could take a good guess at their motivations. But they might quickly shift to talking about their personality or their strengths.

Aren’t these all essentially the same thing?

Not quite.

For sure, it’s good to understand your personality and strengths. Tools such as the Enneagram, CliftonStrengths, or Myers Briggs Type Indicator can be helpful for developing self-awareness. But they may still leave you wondering: Why?

Why do some things fulfill you and others frustrate you or bore you to tears? Just because you’re competent at a particular task or role doesn’t mean you like it.

What if you could predict your potential for success in work you enjoy doing and do well and find deeply satisfying? All together. All at the same time.

The Motivational Core assessment can help you discover actionable insight to answer these important questions.

The Motivational Core Assessment

Based on stories from your life, combined with quantitative science, the Motivational Core assessment taps 50 years of empirical research on SIMA® (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities) to reveal your top three enduring and irresistible motivational patterns. Meaning, you’re wired this way, and there is no off switch.

Because your motivational power is on all the time, knowing how it works can help you be purposeful, effective, and fulfilled in your work and life.

You can get a glimpse of motivational insight from the sample pages of the assessment report, called a motivational blueprint:

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How Motivations Help Make You Unique

We humans are a complicated lot. Every one of us is one-of-a-kind, so we each have a natural curiosity to understand ourselves — and that curiosity holds the key to discovering our growth and potential.

Your motivations are only part of what makes you you. Here’s an overview of the layers that make you who you are and give you the opportunity to make a unique contribution to the world:


Your Innate Characteristics

  • Motivations: Why you do what you do to achieve a distinct pattern of results

  • Personality: Your unique patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving

  • Strengths: What you do particularly well, which comes naturally to you

Your Chosen Characteristics

  • Values: Your judgment of what is important in life

  • Skills: Your learned abilities — social, emotional, intellectual, etc.

Why Motivations Matter

Do you know anyone who follows through 100 percent of the time? Of course not. We all fall short of our best intentions sometimes.

We might say it’s a matter of self-discipline, which could be true. But at the core of being human, it’s also about motivation, which drives our personality, strengths, values, and skills.

With greater awareness of your motivations, you gain clarity about your unique contribution to the world. You’ll also gain confidence in knowing fuels your motivation — or drains it — so you can focus on what you enjoy doing and do well and find deeply satisfying.

• • •

Through the Motivational Core Series of visual articles, you can learn more about each of the 27 core motivations. You can discover your unique motivational blueprint with the Motivational Core assessment.