Orchestrating a team turnaround


Nonprofit Leadership & Advising


Although families spoke highly of its programs, a young organization had outgrown the capacity of its marketing, communications, and development. The website and key workflows needed to catch up so the team could better represent the brand promise and outcomes to key audiences.

My counsel and leadership required balancing hard facts with soft skills. For example, navigating the organizational culture and relationships across all departments. Setting a higher standard of team excellence. Keeping a line of sight to the mission. And resetting staff and budget priorities.

Over two years, I streamlined the team headcount by 20 percent while increasing its professional strength and capacity. With a refined team structure and workflows tuned to audience needs and the annual business cycle, I trimmed net operating expenses and freed up funds for improvements and project-specific contractor expertise.

While adding value to the customer experience, the new team shored up essential systems and charted a path toward sustainable success.

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