Remember when you were starting out?

How far have you come? And what’s the horizon ahead of you — the opportunity of becoming more of the leader you want to be?

These are important questions. Because here’s what you don’t want to happen …

  • Getting frustrated that your strengths don’t always work for you.

  • Letting unhealthy boundaries diminish your joy in work and life.

  • Discovering that you’ve not been taught how to lead well.

  • Depleting your energy even when you’re successful.

  • Feeling alone inside your organization.

  • Pushing yourself to the edge of burnout.

  • Wondering if your job is a good fit — or not.

By now, you have enough experience to tell the difference between when things are going well and when they’re not.

But you may not have the confidence that comes with knowing why — and with that confidence, the ability to set priorities, make decisions, and thrive.

Now, with a 90-day work-life coaching program tailored to who you are, you can find that confidence and see the difference it makes.

Unlocking your motivations and clarifying your values will put you on a path to knowing your why and growing your influence — and becoming more of The Purposeful LeaderTM you were made to be.


I define a leader as anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes, and who has the courage to develop that potential.

—Bréne Brown, Dare to Lead


Lead with your why

Most leadership development programs fail because they don’t connect the dots that matter.

They overlook the importance of context. They separate instruction and reflection from real work. And they underestimate the power of below-the-surface beliefs that can either drive or hinder productive change.

But a made-for-you development path is different. It starts with understanding your core values and motivations, then aligning them with your work and putting them into practice. This way, you’ll develop your own playbook of strategies that work for you. I’ll help you create it.

And, your growth will be rooted in your own life story, where you’ll find the best-kept secrets of why you do what you do.

You can try to figure this out on your own. I know this because I chased, I wrangled, I did personality assessments. I attended leadership conferences and read a lot of books (still do). All good things.


But a big turning point for me happened when I worked with an executive coach.

My coach helped me pay closer attention to how I spend my hours and my days — in other words, my life. I started making changes that unlocked my potential in ways I’m still learning to appreciate.

Are you ready to pay closer attention too? Here are six advantages you’ll gain:


Greater Self-Awareness

Navigate the strengths and shadows of your most powerful inner drives



Discover a simple framework that builds your daily activities to advance your goals



Manage your energy gains and drains to maximize your time, focus, and delegation



Learn skills to engage in honest conversations with clarity and kindness



Define and practice healthy patterns that honor what you need to be your best



Align your team to support and appreciate diversity while empowering results


In a culture that sometimes equates work with suffering, it is revolutionary to suggest that the best inward sign of vocation is gladness — revolutionary but true. If the work is mine to do it will make me glad over the long haul, despite difficult days. Even the difficult days will ultimately gladden me, because they pose the kinds of problems that can help me grow in a work if it is truly mine.

—Parker J. Palmer, The Courage to Teach


Put your purpose to work

It takes courage to live and lead on purpose. It’s not necessarily more work, but it is more intentional work.

Therefore, you need actionable understanding — the kind of knowing you can put into practice, so you can experience the sweet spot of purpose, influence, and fulfillment you were made for.

Over the course of 90 days — and longer, if you choose — our work together will include:


Your Motivational Blueprint

You’ll take the story-based Motivational Core Assessment and receive your Motivational Blueprint report. Backed by more than 50 years of research with tens of thousands of individuals, this assessment reveals core motivational patterns that are enduring and irresistible. Meaning, you’re wired this way, and there’s no ‘off’ switch.

Because your motivational power is ‘on’ all the time, knowing how it works can help you be more focused and effective. You can learn to predict what success looks like for you — making the most of your personality and strengths, and guarding against negative behaviors that could derail your leadership and limit your team’s achievements.


The Values Deck

Engage with The Values Deck, a set of 72 cards with descriptions on the front and questions on the back. It’s designed to help you clarify what matters most to you in work and life.

While some of your values may be lifelong, others may shift to a different level of priority depending on your circumstances. So we’ll take time to identify which values matter most to you now — and as you grow.


The Purposeful Leader Playbook & Growth Path

Your core motivations and values will form the foundation of a made-for-you growth path to address the most immediate and important opportunities ahead for you. The Purposeful Leader Playbook will help you identify growth priorities and goals for 90 days and for one year, so you can aim for short-term results as well as greater potential.


SiX Coaching Sessions

We’ll begin with two extended coaching sessions to discover and explore your core motivations and core values. Then, four additional coaching sessions will help you develop your personal playbook, map your growth path, and get going.

You’ll have me as your guide to reinforce your confidence on the way to more purposeful leadership.

And, you always have the option of on-call hourly coaching or retainer-based packages for ongoing support along your growth path.


The Purposeful Leader makes nonprofits and businesses more effective by empowering …

Business Owners
High-Potential Employees
New Managers & Leaders
Nonprofit Leaders
Project Managers
Sales Representatives
Team Leaders

… and anyone who wants to experience greater purpose, influence, and fulfillment in work and life.


Becoming your best
is worth the investment

The challenge to know better, do better, and be better is real — and you are worth it. Your potential is worth it. Are you ready?

The Purposeful LeaderTM 90-Day Coaching Package: $1,450
$175 deposit to reserve your spot, plus $425 monthly for 3 months during the program

  • Motivational Core Assessment with a comprehensive, personal Motivational Blueprint report of your top 3 motivations and 4 self-guided exercises to explore further
  • The Values Deck with a mini workbook, Clarifying Your Work-Life Values, and cards you can use to spark conversations with your team, friends, and family
  • The Purposeful Leader Playbook covering six key aspects of leadership growth, with exercises for goal-setting and growth during the 90-day program and beyond
  • 2 Extended Coaching Sessions to discover and explore your core motivations and core values
  • 4 Regular Coaching Sessions to develop and advance your personalized growth path

Employer Information

Are you requesting your employer’s support for this opportunity through a conference or professional development budget? Download The Purposeful Leader Program Overview to accompany your request.


Working with Rebecca is like looking in a mirror. After receiving my assessment results, she led me through conversation to explore the themes in my life story. Her guidance and questions unearthed values and motivations that had been hidden there all along, that I can finally embrace as 'yes, that’s me!' After trying on countless careers and wearing multiple masks, I am finally building a vocation that is authentically me.

—Knowledge specialist and team manager for a global organization