At your service

Ghostwriting & Story Writing

Save time and overcome your doubts about writing. I'll capture your voice or the voices of your community to create articles or book chapters based on conversations, interviews, or transcripts.

Advising Nonprofit Communications

Working in partnership with you over several months or more, we'll clarify the brand voice and mission-driven message that flows through all your communications.

Personal Coaching & Mentoring

How do you keep getting better at writing? How do you navigate the personalities and politics of creative, mission-driven work? You can always learn from your experience. But through coaching and mentoring, you can also take advantage of my experience as a writer and communications executive.

For writers, I offer packages that begin with three or seven sessions. For nonprofit organizations, I accept limited applications for monthly professional development throughout an entire year.

Book Development & Editing by coaching

When authors ask me about editing, I recommend finding someone with that professional focus—and it's not me. However, I can provide coaching to help you strengthen your nonfiction manuscript. You'll clarify your writing approach and market positioning as you hone the book's title, premise, audience focus, structure, features, and benefits.

Getting started

Introductory Coaching Call

Because it's important to find a good fit for creative collaboration, I offer an introductory coaching call at no charge.

Before the call, you'll send me a draft, website link, or marketing resource you believe would help me understand your needs. Then during our call, I'll give you real-time feedback for up to an hour.

Based on the coaching call, we'll both discover the potential for working together. For large projects or long-term work, please note that I'm booked several months in advance, so let's talk sooner than later.

Projects & Rates

Your project work will begin when we have a signed agreement on a plan, schedule, fee, and deposit. Fees are estimated in keeping with Writer's Market rates, professional experience, word count, and creative specifications.

Please Note

If I believe your project would be better served by someone else, I'll let you know. If possible, I'll suggest a qualified referral.

I do not provide: book editing, book agent referrals, book launch execution or marketing, extensive academic research or fact checking, fiction or poetry writing or editing, or proofreading services.

And also, I can't make stuff up for you. But I'm committed to excellent writing to capture your voice and ideas. Ready?