Rebecca has the extraordinary ability to communicate in a speaker’s voice—often better than the speaker! She is professional, responsible, careful, and timely, and her work reflects many years of experience working with clients and understanding their needs.
— James Gordon, PhD, Personnel Director and Project Manager, Docent Research Group
She understands how each sentence of a story can build into a larger brand and never misses opportunities to make a story stronger.
— Rachel Greiman, Owner/Photographer, Green Chair Stories

An introduction

Rebecca Jantz Johnson

Hello, I'm Rebecca—the creative spark behind Story Solutions. I help speakers, leaders, and organizations extend their influence through writing that informs and inspires people every day. Because, as Maya Angelou said, "when you know better, you do better."

Story Solutions Rebecca Cafe
  • Over 25 years as a copywriter and go-to person for thoughtful ideas and solutions
  • Executive writer for nonprofit CEOs and pastors
  • Ghostwriter, coach, and collaborator on 10 nonfiction books and e-books
  • Editor, creative director, and contributing writer for 19 magazines and journals
  • Interviewer, author, and editor for hundreds of brand-building stories and articles
  • Published author of three collections of scripts and liturgical readings
  • Brand strategist and writer for 30 websites
  • Former church communications director and creative agency vice president, and current school advancement executive

I love city neighborhoods, quiet mornings, strong coffee, good data, wicked humor, amazing grace, and life with my husband Nathan. We live in Denver, Colorado.

May I share some of my experience with you? Here's a free guide:

From Speaker to Author:
11 Ways to Transform Your Spoken Message into Published Content

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You're welcome to read my professional backstory to learn how I got the knack for capturing an individual's voice in writing.

The benefit to you is simply this: I know exactly what to listen for, so you can just talk like you always do. 

Your message already informs and inspires the way people live every day, for the better. So why not transform your spoken words into published content for greater reach and influence?

Perhaps you’re saying to yourself:

  • Somebody else already wrote about this.
  • People don’t seem to understand the good work my organization is doing.
  • I’m not a good writer—or not as good as I want to be.
  • I don’t have time for a writing project.
  • My last book half killed me. I can’t do that again.

These may be true statements, but they are false stories. 

The true story is, your message matters. Let's make it clear and compelling through ...


We'll capture your voice in conversations and transcripts to create your nonfiction book chapters and brand-building stories.


Getting better at writing? Navigating nonprofit communications? You can always learn from your experience. Why not take advantage of my experience too?


Applying business skills
to nonprofit leadership

Professional Mentoring

A successful sales executive had always respected and supported nonprofit organizations in the battle against generational poverty. Her occasional mission work inspired a desire to use her business skills full time for the cause.

Story Solutions Old Jerusalem Green Door Atop Church of the Holy Sepulchre.jpg

Within a few months, she secured interviews at two different organizations, each seeking a proven leader to develop new partnerships and charitable support. 

How would she choose? And how would her for-profit know-how translate to a nonprofit context? We explored her questions during several mentoring conversations.

A quick study in nonprofit fundraising and financial practices dovetailed easily with her corporate background. We developed interview strategies that reflected her relational sales experience—not only to demonstrate her potential in each role, but also to win job offers from both organizations.

After discussion and discernment, she chose to serve with a leading international organization that works to release children from poverty.

Recovering from
a failed first chapter

Book Manuscript

When two pastors hatched the idea of publishing a book together, their first writer delivered a disappointing draft of the first chapter. I accepted the challenge of starting over.

Story Solutions Book Ghostwriting

My immediate goal? A clear structure to bring out both voices. I developed a coauthored approach to the book's central theme based on the content of sixteen sermons, light research, and interview notes.

With a weekly schedule for writing and feedback, I kept the project in line with the authors' expectations during the next four months. The resulting 47,000-word manuscript included an introduction and eight chapters. It combined their biblical teaching with pop culture anecdotes and memoir passages. 

After I completed my confidential work, the authors submitted their manuscript for editing, proofreading, and production. Six months later, they celebrated the release of their book.

Delivering brand value
across generations

CONTENT Marketing Tools

For a nonprofit organization with more than 100 years of history, staying relevant requires leveraging the best of its past to meet the needs of the present and anticipate the opportunities of the future. 

Story Solutions Brand Storytelling Framework

The marketing team sought my help to develop topical content tools that would appeal across generations and communication preferences. They know it's essential to sustain current audience engagement while attracting new, younger audiences.

We identified how both the older and younger audiences want to improve family programs, volunteer cultivation, and leadership development. 

Then, working with content developed by expert speakers and authors, I wrote and adapted short manuscripts to be published in two formats: digital downloads and printed mini-books. These tools deliver actionable ideas that are easy to read in one sitting.

The downloads attract email subscribers, while the mini-books provide a direct contact tool with take-home value from a conference exhibit booth.